• Where can I request an electricity supply offer?

    The electricity supply offers can be found on the page dedicated to Household Clients or on the page dedicated to Industrial Clients.

  • What does household client mean?

    The household client is the one who buys electricity to ensure his own household consumption.

  • What does a Industrial and Commercial client mean?

    The Industrial and Commercial client is the one who buys energy to ensure their own consumption generated by economic or professional activities, other than domestic.


  • What does vulnerable customer mean?

    The vulnerable customer is the customer who belongs to a category of household customers and falls into the categories defined in Law 226/2021 on establishing social protection measures for vulnerable consumers and Law 123/2012 on electricity and natural gas.


  • What are the necessary documents for the conclusion of the electricity supply contract for a domestic customer?

    The list of documents required to conclude the electricity supply contract can be consulted here.

  • What are the necessary documents for concluding the electricity supply contract for a Industrial and Commercial client?

    The list of documents required to conclude the electricity supply contract can be consulted here.

  • How can I change electricity supplier?

    Switching providers is free and no technical changes are required. This process is regulated by ANRE order 234/2019. The steps for changing the supplier are: Completing the application for concluding the contract specifying the chosen offer and signing the notification for changing the current supplier. It is necessary to submit a copy of the identity document, the electricity bill and a copy of the title deed of the space or a declaration on your own responsibility that shows that you legally use the space for which the conclusion of the supply contract is requested .Signing the new supply contract and the new supplier will send the change of supplier notice to the current supplier The takeover in the portfolio by the new supplier is carried out in 21 days from the date of transmission of the notification of change of supplier. After the signing of the supply contract, the new electricity supplier is responsible for the steps to conclude contracts for the distribution service and all other services necessary for the execution of the supply contract. The procedure for changing the provider can be consulted here.


  • What should be done in the event of a power outage?

    Information about scheduled or unscheduled interruptions in electricity supply is published by the Distribution Operator in the area of ​​​​the place of consumption. You can find the list of distribution operators in each county and the phone number at which you can contact them in case of interruption of the electricity supply here.


  • What are the components of electricity price?

    The price of electricity in the contract is made up of the supply price of active energy and regulated taxes and tariffs such as the transport and system tariff, the distribution tariff and taxes such as the cogeneration contribution, green certificates and excise duty.


  • What is the contribution for high efficiency cogeneration?

    The contribution for high-efficiency cogeneration represents an amount owed monthly by each electricity consumer, for the promotion and development of energy production in a high-efficiency cogeneration system, with the aim of increasing energy efficiency and improving the security of energy supply, on the energy market from Romania. This is regulated by ANRE. What can undergo adjustments at the beginning of the first and second semesters of each year, but also during the November-December period of each year.

  • What are green certificates and why do they appear on the invoice?

    The Green Certificate is the title that certifies the production of a quantity of electricity from renewable energy sources. The certificate can be traded, separately from the amount of electricity it represents, on an organized market, under the terms of the law. The Romanian state supports investors in green (renewable) energy through green certificates and by ensuring the legal framework for their commercialization. Thus, electricity suppliers are obliged to have a certain share of renewable energy. To fulfill this quota of green certificates, suppliers buy from green certified producers. Currently, each MWh of green energy produced from renewable sources is rewarded with a number of green certificates.


  • The address of the place of consumption has changed. How can I change it?

    If the address of the place of consumption has changed due to a change in the name or number of the street or apartment, please send us an e-mail at the address you can find on the Contact page, together with the documents attesting to this change.


  • How should I proceed if I want to send a complaint and how long will it take for me to receive a response?

    Notifications can be sent to the email address energy@ingka-investments.ro, and you will receive the answer in the shortest possible time, without exceeding the deadlines established by the legislation in force.


  • Where can I find the legislation in the field of electricity supply?

    All the necessary information is available on the page Useful Information – Legislation.

  • What is the guarantee of origin?

    The guarantee of origin is the electronic document that proves that a share or quantity of energy supplied to a final consumer was produced from renewable sources, in accordance with art. 3, paragraph 9 of Directive 2009/72/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council of July 13, 2019 regarding the common rules for the internal electricity market and the repeal of Directive 2003/54/EC. The share of energy produced from renewable sources is specified in the electricity label.


  • What does electricity labeling mean?

    Electricity labeling represents all the activities carried out by an electricity supplier to inform its customers about the contribution of each raw energy source to the production of the supplied energy, but also about the impact on the environment. The energy label is available here(?).


  • When and how can I dispute a utility bill?

    Questions and concerns regarding the consumption invoice can be communicated via the email address energy@ingka-investments.ro within a maximum of 30 days from receipt of the invoice. You will receive the answer within a maximum of 5 working days from the receipt of the appeal.


  • How can energy consumption be reduced which will generate lower utility bills?

    Energy efficiency measures can be consulted at institutions with powers in the field of energy such as ANRE – the department for energy efficiency or on the website of the Ministry of Energy


  • What is “POSF”?

    POSF is the online platform for changing the supplier of electricity and natural gas at the national level, whose operator is ANRE.

    Through the POSF, the end customer can choose the right supply offer, send the supplier all the necessary documentation to conclude the contract. The supplier can be changed within 24 hours at the latest from the conclusion of the new contract.

  • How can I submit a complaint?

    Sorry, something didn’t go so well. We’re always happy to improve so find out how to submit complaints and requests and how long it will take us to get back to you from the Useful information page from the “Documente utile de descărcat” section.

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